Money is not a four letter word

Meeting new people at an event, triggers one issue for me – how to answer the question ‘What do you do?’


I was massively fortunate at Archangel Academy 2016 to receive so much support from so many amazing entrepreneurs.


Some who talked it through with me, some who offered to help me figure it out, some who explained to other people what I do on my behalf, and some who were open to experiencing it for themselves.


I’ve wrestled with the word ‘healer’ for so long, I thought it was a fear of being associated with the stigma of that word, that was blocking me from being able to easily state what I do.


Recently though, I’ve found some peace around that, and still my ‘what I do’ statement felt misaligned.


48 hours after the event, I had a breakthrough.


It’s not my resistance to ‘healing’ that’s the issue. Somewhere along the way, I’ve begun to resist talking about money.


The irony?


That’s what I specialise in.


I help entrepreneurs to quickly heal their relationship with money so they can enjoy making lots of it.


And I’m really fecking good at it.


When I first started smashing people’s money blocks, I happily explained it that way and my life was really simple.


Somewhere along the way, I began to feel that wasn’t ‘enough’, that it was shallow, and that maybe it was making some of my friends uncomfortable – and I began to dress it up as other things.


I lost myself.


I started talking about how I do what I do, about the emotional triggers I clear, about what happens to your energy when we work, about how I help people be their authentic selves and get paid lots for it.


And I can do all of that as part of the money block work.


But what really excites me, my true gift, is figuring out the silent story that your subconscious tells you about money, and quickly editing it, so that you can enjoy wealth without limits.


Because when I found and erased my silent story, everything changed.


In March 2014, I was making $50 an hour as an energy therapist, and barely turning a profit, even though I was healing all sorts of mysterious conditions. Pregnant with my third baby, I decided to go on maternity leave and not return.


When baby Jackson was six weeks old, I read The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, and he described the ‘upper limit’ concept – that we have a subconscious reason why we limit our earning potential.


Fascinated, I energy-tested for my story. I found this: As a kid, the two sides of my family were very different. One side very wealthy and unwelcoming, and the other side not-so-wealthy and big-hearted.


Completely unaware, I was carrying the belief that if I made a lot of money, I’d no longer belong with the people I love – and I didn’t want to belong with the other tribe.


So I stayed stuck, self-sabotaging and holding back so that my income always plateaued at a safe and ‘justifiable’ level.


Having found the story, I did some energy work to edit it. Within 48 hours, everything changed. I was in demand from clients all over the world, I kept raising my prices and still they kept booking sessions.


When I couldn’t keep up with demand I launched a group programme, and made $45,267 in two weeks. My husband quit his stressful teaching job and we’ve both been at home full time ever since, with him taking care of Jackson.


My business has continued to grow and thrive, and it’s now $5000 to work with me instead of $50, and my last launch was $72k.


But somehow, somewhere, I’d started telling myself a new story about money, that it was shallow and making people feel awkward.


I began to hold back my passion for money.


Until Archangel Academy 2016.


Being in a room full of people playing their own game at the highest level, and supporting each other to stand in their fullest potential – I needed that so much more than I knew.


This morning when I was thinking about the new connections I made with amazing people who were really interested in what I do, I realised that they all wanted to talk about money, and where they might be blocking it.


And these conversations lit me up, and allowed me to share my superpower, and made me remember how much fun my work was when I was totally upfront about my real passion.


From the outside it might have looked like I was helping them, but really they were helping me. It makes me smile that it was the giving and not the asking, that showed me the way back to myself.


It also makes me smile that after an ‘AA meeting’ I’m once again ready to stand up and say: I’m Michelle Lowbridge, and I help entrepreneurs edit their money story, so they can make a shit-tonne of cash while they change the world.

I said to my husband last week, ‘I think I’m going to come home different, I thought I’d better warn you.’


And I returned to England a truer version of me, with a real sense of peace around who I am, and ready to enjoy my superpower in 2016.


And that’s going to mean I have to talk about money.


Here’s the truth – money is a tool which you can use to make your dreams come true.


It doesn’t matter if that dream is a family holiday in Thailand, a bigger home, philanthropy, investing in yourself or your future, adventures, experiences, or anything else you can think of.


Money is just a tool.


It’s a physical representation of energy, that you can trade for the things and experiences you desire.


It’s not dirty, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


It’s more than ok to desire whatever you desire – and it’s natural to want more – that’s how we evolve!


We’re humans. Our very nature is to keep evolving, to keep desiring new experiences.


Maybe you want less stuff, and more peace or time to be creative.


Great. If you were paid more money for working less hours, wouldn’t that make peace and creativity even easier?


It’s only when we think we can’t have more, or we think we shouldn’t want more, or we worry what other people think, that this aspect of our human nature becomes a problem.


We’re here to enjoy everything this planet has to offer, and we all have unique tastes and wishes, and that’s perfect.


Whatever you desire and wish for, I salute you.


Money is one of many tools that can enhance your life, and helping more of it flow to you easily is my superpower.


So if like me, you’ve been holding back from talking about your unique gift, or you feel you have to apologise for earning more or wanting more, or you constantly feel the need to justify the good things in your life, stick around –


2016 is for you.


More soon….


Love from