Wealthology Insider Mail #1

Month 1 – we’re starting with Family.


If you’ve read Wealthology, or been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that clearing up my money story around the two sides of my family was fundamental in allowing money to flow in.


I had no clue that I’d picked up the idea that ‘if I make lots of money I will become miserabe, and I won’t belong with the people who love me’.


And yet it was there – buried in my subconscious and holding me back from creating wealth.


So, we’re going to dig in to your Family story around money, and find out how it’s blocking you.


Let’s quickly recap how your Wealthology Profile can be affected by this theme:


The Achiever worries about what their family members think of them, and also about what other people think of their family. Their relatives (especially the women) are often very fearful of doing anything that might give people a reason to talk about them. This is passed on to The Achiever who worries about doing anything that might upset the family, or attract attention. The family ethic is likely to be very grounded in hard work, so it can be hard for these clients to follow their heart and live in flow, enjoying doing what they love.


The Strategist always feels the need to be responsible. Even as the youngest family member, they will take responsibility for everyone else’s problems. Their family often has really high expectations of them, and conversely they often have low expectations of other people.


As a child, the Hustler often found themselves in trouble for voicing their opinions. They always had a feeling that they were different, and often spent a good chunk of their childhood waiting to become adults, so they could make their own choices. The kicker here is that family and approval are subconsciously far more important to them than they realise. Beneath the freethinking exterior is a big softie who would love nothing more than to be approved of and completely accepted.


The Guardian feels they have to modify their behaviour to fit it. In childhood, they might have felt very confused as to why they weren’t chosen, or why a sibling was a favourite, or why they were ignored. A small number of incidences where their enthusiasm for their own talents resulted in an adult losing their temper may have had a huge effect on their ability to be themselves.


The Thinker was raised to have a strong sense of duty. This affects their ability to choose what feels best for themselves, and keeps them focused on doing the ‘right’ thing. They see keenly where others have tried hard or sacrificed for them, and they try very hard to clear this debt or repay their family in whatever way they can.


The Light had to grow up fast and ‘be good’. As children, they were often expected to be tiny adults, and spent a lot of their time trying very hard not to upset anyone. They often believe that their innate brightness somehow makes them less lovable – they must not outshine siblings, they must not show off, they must keep themselves dimmed and let other people take the spotlight.


Your Wealthology Affirmation for this month:

I am constant

I am perfect

I am complete


This works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently – every day this month!


If you go here you’ll find an affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it,  that’s the right size for an iphone lock screen.


The elephant’s spirit is perfect for the theme of family.  The photo is from the safari Pete and I took on our honeymoon – I hope you like it!


Family Week 1 – Money Block Prompts


  • Being selfish


Have a think about how various members of your family perceives selfishness?  Some ideas… are wealthy people selfish?  Do you have to be selfish to get rich?  Is it seen as selfish to want to do things for yourself?  When you think of your family, money, and the word ‘selfish’ – what comes to mind?  Take a few minutes to think about this and scribble down some notes.


You can clear the stress around this using a Thought Edit if you’ve got the EE course.


Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here– release the limiting belief ‘I am selfish’ and any others you find relating to the questions above.


  • Power


Ooh, that’s a trigger word isn’t it?  It might trigger good feelings or stress, but it’s going to activate something!  What does it make you think?  How does your family react to the idea of power?  How do they behave when it comes to power?  Do they have power over you?  What does ‘my family, power and money’ make you think about?  Journal it out!


If you identify some limiting beliefs, you can use my trademarked technique, the Limiting Belief Release, to clear them in 30 seconds.  Find it here.


That’s it for this week!


Love from

Michelle xx