Wealthology Insider Mail #6

It’s time to shift gears into a new Wealthology Theme, and this month we’re focusing on Loneliness.

It’s not an issue that people tend to think is related to money.  And quite honestly, they’re wrong!

This theme as huge (and often painful) ties to our ability to create success and wealth.

Let’s quickly recap how your Wealthology Profile can be affected by this theme:

(More details are in the Wealthology book.)

The Achiever–  fears what will happen to them if they don’t follow the herd mentality. They have a subconscious belief that doing their own thing will result in complete isolation.

The Strategist – gets blocked by loneliness because it’s usually a deeply rooted theme in their lives. They have vivid memories of feeling lonely, and it’s often an issue that’s chased them into adulthood. They absolutely crave connection but they fear rejection so strongly that it often prevents them from taking the steps they know they need to take relieve the loneliness.

The Hustler – thinks loneliness is a sign of weakness and failure. They will often identify as an outsider, and the very thought of ‘needing’ friends is a trigger that makes the calls come up. They often have memories of their confidence causing disconnection, leading to a tendency to prepare for adversity and to expect to be unaccepted.

The Guardian– fears loneliness so much that they hold back and play small. They often believe it’s inevitable when they show their true personality and feelings. Rejection after being misunderstood is a huge thing for these clients; it’s often plagued them for an entire lifetime.

The Thinker– feels that they don’t fit in. This is often because they have a ‘formal’ side, which is often the side they use to make money, and then they have a hidden secret side, which is usually more ‘alternative’. They’ve grown up feeling that there’s something wrong with them, and feel on the outside of things.

The Light – fears loneliness more than almost anything, and they will limit almost everything about themselves to avoid being lonely. These people are fearful of being too much, too bright, too opinionated, too loud, too happy, and they feel that all of those things cause people to leave them. They’ve often been taught that vulnerability is a sign of weakness, or that ‘people don’t like weak people’, so they tend to suffer in silence.




Here is this month’s a new affirmation.  Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

We are unified.

We are present.

We are loved.

This works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently every day, for the whole month.

If you go here you’ll find an affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it.  It’s the right size for an iPhone lock screen, which is where I’ve put mine again this month!

The photo is from a beautiful soul, Michelle White.  Michelle was a member of the original Prosperity Prescription programme that I ran from 2014-2016, and we used this affirmation.  She produced this lovely image and generously shared it, and we all had it on our phones.  Michelle sadly passed away last year, and it’s fitting that her work is still spreading love in the world.  I hope you enjoy it.



Ready to dive in?  Here are the first couple of areas to focus on, that will help you uncover your money blocks.  You’ll find a word or phrase to prompt you, and some accompanying questions to ask yourself.

You can do as little or as much as you want!

Stay curious, stay inquisitive, and keep your sense of humour – and especially, be kind to yourself.  The human mind is capable of all sorts of bollocks, so let’s find out what it’s telling you about money shall we?


PROMPT 1  Being neglected

What immediately springs to mind when you think about being neglected?  Is there a past memory, or a current experience that’s relevant?  What links have you made between neglect and success, or neglect and money?

Take a few minutes to think about this and scribble down some notes.

Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here.  Some ideas might be:

Money makes people neglectful, or I’m neglectful of money, or Money neglects me – release those and any others you find relating to the questions above.


PROMPT 2  Masking my character

How do you mask your true identity in order to avoid being lonely?

Start journaling and be completely open to whatever needs to be recognised.

Release the limiting belief ‘Being myself is risky’ or perhaps ‘I will be lonely if I show my true self’, and any others you find relating to the question above.

I’ll be back next week with some more Money Block Prompts for you – until then…

Lots of love,

Michelle xxx
PS – Have you got my new book?  Money Blocks is packed with 165 beliefs that limit your wealth potential.