Wealthology Insider Mail #7

Here I am as promised with this week’s Wealthology Prompts for this month’s theme: Loneliness


Ready to dive in?  Every week I’ll give you a couple of areas to focus on, that will help you uncover your money blocks.  You’ll find a word or phrase to prompt you, and some accompanying questions to ask yourself.


You can do as little or as much as you want!


Stay curious, stay inquisitive, and keep your sense of humour – and especially, be kind to yourself.  The human mind is capable of all sorts of bollocks, so let’s find out what it’s telling you about money shall we?


PROMPT 1 – Ask yourself – Why would I be lonely if I was successful?

What’s you immediate reaction to reading that? What’s it bringing up? What memories have been sparked? Do you worry that being successful with alienate you from the people you care about?

Take a few minutes to think about it and scribble some notes.

Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here – an idea for this week’s prompt might be: ‘I’d be lonely if I was successful’ – and any others you find answering the above questions.   .


PROMPT 2 – Ask yourself – What are my past experiences of rejection?

What immediately comes up? Then think about what those experiences have made you think about money or success. Does rejection directly link to money or success for you?

Rejection, money and success are all connected and so getting clear on where they connect can really help you to move forward.

Release the limiting belief ‘I’m always rejected’ and any others you find answering the above questions.


Lots of love,

Michelle xxx
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