Wealthology Insider Mail #10

Hello lovely!


How’s it going?


It’s time to shift gears into a new theme, and this month we’re focusing on ‘Living On Purpose’.


Let’s quickly recap how your Wealthology Profile can be affected by this theme:


(More details are in the Wealthology book.)


The Achiever–  gets distracted from their purpose because they feel they’re undeserving of their true dreams and desires. They feel embarrassed and guilty about having big dreams, yet they also worry that their goals are too simple, and that they’re being stupid to expect success.


The Strategist – gets distracted from their purpose because they don’t trust themselves. They’re notorious for spending a lot of time asking advice, and then completely ignoring it and doing something else.


The Hustler – gets distracted from their purpose because they’re so busy maintaining their suit of armour. Outwardly, they’re got it all figured out. Inwardly, they are vulnerable and spend a lot of time thinking about everything. This prevents them from tuning in to the next evolution of their purpose.


The Guardian– gets distracted from their purpose bu impatience and desperation. They’re unwavering faith in the power of enthusiasm means that when results don’t come quickly, they start to doubt themselves, or they get discouraged or bored.


The Thinker– gets distracted from their purpose because they don’t think they can make money using their gifts. They’re often keeping their ‘magic powers’ hidden.


The Light – gets distracted from their purpose because they don’t recognise how wise they are. They’re here to light up the world with their message and their wisdom. The problem is they’re waiting for someone to stamp them with an official ‘You Are Enough’ before they can do it.





Here is this month’s a new affirmation.  Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.


I am intuitive.

I am eager.

I exude love.


This works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently every day, for the whole month.


If you go here you’ll find an affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it.  It’s the right size for an iPhone lock screen, which is where I’ve put mine again this month!





Ready to dive in?  Here are the first couple of areas to focus on, that will help you uncover your money blocks.  You’ll find a word or phrase to prompt you, and some accompanying questions to ask yourself.


You can do as little or as much as you want!


Stay curious, stay inquisitive, and keep your sense of humour – and especially, be kind to yourself.  The human mind is capable of all sorts of bollocks, so let’s find out what it’s telling you about money shall we?


PROMPT 1 – My desires are unrealistic


What do you really want? Generally I find blocks in this area mean either a) you’re not admitting what you REALLY want or b) you are admitting it but deep down you don’t think it’s possible. Do you have either of those going on? And watch out if you were quick to say no!


Take a few minutes to think about this and scribble down some notes.


Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here.  An idea might be:


‘I can’t have what I really want’– release that and any others you find relating to the questions above.


PROMPT 2 – I don’t deserve to have it all


Oh hello self worth, you little bugger!  Why don’t you believe in your core that you deserve it all? Is there something lurking there? Remember, if you’ve got the EE course you can immediately identify that bock with a quick muscle test.


Start journaling and be completely open to whatever needs to be recognised.


Release the limiting belief ‘I am not deserving’, and any others you find relating to the question above.


I’ll be back next week with some more Money Block Prompts for you – until then…


Lots of love,


Michelle xxx
PS – The affirmation image for your phone is here.