Wealthology Insider Mail #14

It’s a new Wealthology theme starting today and we’re now focusing on ‘Self-Disapproval’.


Let’s quickly recap how your Wealthology Profile can be affected by this theme:


(More details are in the Wealthology book, which you should have received a PDF of already, if you don’t have it, email us and we’ll send you another copy.)

The Achiever– disapproves of themselves for not having enough expertise, not knowing more, and for making too many past mistakes. This blocks progress because they don’ believe they can be trusted, and they doubt themselves

The Strategist– disapproves of themselves for not working fast enough, not getting immediate results, and not having all the answers. This need-for-speed slows down their process, because every second they’re not achieving high standards and rapid results they think they’re failing.

The Hustler– disapprove of themselves for being weak, feeling wounded and thinking about past hurts. This blocks their progress because they don’t give themselves space or permission to heal, so their business decisions are often governed by old pain that they’re in denial about.

The Guardian– disapproves of themselves for getting angry, feeling stressed and judging other people. This blocks their progress because although they’re just being human, they think they’re a terrible person, and therefore unworthy of success.

The Thinker– disapproves of themselves for being foolish, for feeling discouraged, and for not working hard enough. This blocks their progress because the inner-voice of disapproval drowns out their intuition, higher self and inner-knowing of their true calling.

The Light– disapproves of themselves for not knowing better, for dreaming too big, for having stupid ideas. This blocks their progress because they are so hard on themselves that they shut down and play small.



Here is this month’s a new affirmation.  Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

I accept myself 

I bless myself 

I am whole and complete 

This works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently every day, for the whole month.

If you go here you’ll find an affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it.  It’s the right size for an iPhone lock screen, which is where I’ve put mine again this month!



Ready to dive in?  Here are the first couple of areas to focus on, that will help you uncover your money blocks.  You’ll find a word or phrase to prompt you, and some accompanying questions to ask yourself.

You can do as little or as much as you want!

Stay curious, stay inquisitive, and keep your sense of humour – and especially, be kind to yourself.  The human mind is capable of all sorts of bollocks, so let’s find out what it’s telling you about money shall we?


PROMPT 1 – ‘Rude’

I laughed when this tested up as the kick-off for Self-Disapproval month (can’t see that being added to the National Month calendar). 

It’s just that word: ‘rude’.

What I want you to focus on is two-fold:   

Who has been rude to you, in a way that made you feel you were not worthy of their approval?  

And who have you been rude to, in a way that you regret, and which you really beat yourself up for? 

Journal it out, and do some limiting belief work with:

People are rude to me / I’m a rude person / I am unkind / I don’t deserve approval, and anything else you find in your journalling.

Everyone can access the Limiting Belief Release here.


PROMPT 2 – ‘Idiot’

And I laughed again at this too.  How many times have you called yourself an idiot?  Have you said aloud or to yourself ‘I’m such an idiot’?   

That’s what this one is all about. 

What are the names you call yourself for making a mistake?  Write them down.  Think back and remember who has called you an ‘idiot’ or similar, or a situation when you felt like an idiot, or you’re sure you behaved like one.   

Write it, draw it, meditate on it, contemplate it… and (I think) most importantly, do some limiting belief work around what you find. 

Limiting Belief Releases: 

I’m an idiot  /  I am stupid  /  People think I’m an idiot  /  People assume I’m stupid, and anything else you find in your journalling.

Get in there, keep your sense of humour, and see what you unearth, I’ll be back next week! 

Love from 

Michelle xx
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