Wealthology Insider Mail #16

Here I am as promised with this week’s Wealthology prompts for the theme: Self Disapproval


PROMPT 1 – Discouraged

Are you easily discouraged?  What puts you off completing a task, or doing things that you really want to do?  What sort of this discourages you?  Is it other people’s opinions, comparing yourself to others, or not feeling confident in your own ability to get things done?

What is it that you’d love to do, and yet feel discouraged from doing?  What does the little self-disapproving voice in your head say to discourage you?

If we can start identfying some of these default inner-insults, you can recognise them, instead of blindly being derailed by them.

Write, draw, meditate, contemplate… and of course, do some limiting belief work around what you find.

Limiting Belief Releases: 

I’m a failure  /  People don’t support me  /  I can’t ______ (fill in the blank)


Take a few minutes to think about it and scribble some notes.

Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here.


PROMPT 2 – Analysing everything 


Analysis paralysis ties in beautifully with self-disapproval, because it gives you so many ways of beating yourself up!  You can beat yourself for over-analysing, and you can also thump yourself for not checking all the facts if you don’t over-analyse!   

If you’re looking for a way to really give yourself a shit time, this is a great place to start!   

So, what’s your poison?  Do you like to rush in and then kick yourself after, or assess everything and waste a lot of time, and then kick yourself about that? 

How is analysing everything giving you reasons to disapprove of yourself? 

Journal it out, do your limiting belief releases, and be sure to use the EE online course if you have it. 

Limiting Belief Releases: 

I must analyse everything / I can’t be too careful  /  All mistakes are unavoidable  /  I don’t have enough information   

Take a few minutes to clear this stuff up, I promise it will be worth it.



I’ll be back next week!

Lots of love,

Michelle xxx