Wealthology Insider Mail #17

Here I am as promised with this week’s Wealthology prompts for this month’s theme: Self Disapproval


PROMPT 1 – Over-reacting in relation to my self-worth

This is all about taking things too personally. The monkey mind LOVES to be offended and insulted, so its always looking for an excuse to over-react.

One of the main reasons for this is that we don’t feel worthy of a peaceful, fun existence where people are kind, thoughtful, and generous.

Low-self-worth means that were far more likely to jump to the wrong conclusion or perceive something as an insult, when it wasn’t intended as one.

How does this show up in your life?

And can you see how the things you over-react to are related to the things you disapprove of about yourself?

Write, draw, meditate, contemplate… and of course, do some limiting belief work around what you find.

Limiting Belief Releases: People always insult me / I am easily offended / I am not worthy of kindness

Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here.

PROMPT 2 – Feeling unwelcome


When we sense that we’re not welcome, we go onto high-alert protection mode.  This triggers all our sensitivities and weaknesses.  Imagine your monkey mind preparing for battle by running around looking for all your flaws and checking that they’re hidden from invaders. 

So you’re standing at a party, and inside your brain is literally running through a register of all the reasons that you feel unwelcome. 

It might be your dress!  Your thighs!  No, it’s your eyebrows!  It’s the wine you brought with you!   It’s because your ex-husband’s boss is here and she’s told everyone what a bitch you are!   

Gaaaaah!!  It’s exhausting.   

How does feeling unwelcome show up for you?  And how does it trigger your self-disapproval mechanism? 

You know the drill!  Journal it.  Bring the lovely light of awareness to it.  Definitely do some limiting belief releases.

Limiting Belief Releases: 

I’m not welcome  /  People don’t want me around  /  I’m always last to the party  /  I am always on the outside  /  I’m unwelcome because I ________ 

Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here.

I’ll be back next week with a new theme!

Lots of love,

Michelle xxx
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