Wealthology Insider Mail #18

It’s a new Wealthology theme starting today…HIGHER SELF 


Let’s quickly recap how your Wealthology Profile can be affected by this theme:

(More details are in the Wealthology book, which you should have received a PDF of already, if you don’t have it, email us and we’ll send you another copy.)

The Achiever– blocks their higher self by believing that they are flawed, and therefore don’t feel that it’s safe to trust their instincts.

The Strategist– blocks their higher self with a deep-seated belief that no on helps them, and as the higher self is a source of help and guidance, it remains completely blocked. They feel that they have to be so independent, that they even shut down their internal voice of encouragement.

The Hustler– blocks their higher self by controlling their thoughts so strictly that they don’t allow any space for the higher self to be hard. They are terrified of feeling the pain that might rise up if they stop focusing their thoughts on the road immediately ahead.

The Guardian– blocks their higher self by having an almost chronic tendency to deny the reality of their situation, and as the higher self deals in truth, it’s unable to communicate with them.~

The Thinker– blocks their higher self bu denying their true ambitions, and because the higher self tries to communicate their purpose, they completely shut it down.

The Light– blocks their higher self by refusing to be honest about their superpowers, and as the higher self is a form of superpower, it’s completely closed down.



Here is this month’s a new affirmation for your phone lockscreen!  Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

I am connected 

I am guided 

I am prepared


Prompt 1– ‘Consumed by thought’ 

What are those thoughts that if you let them, will run around your head for hours, until you’re in a state of agitation (and possibly tears)? 

Do you have any idea how much energy you’re expending in your battle to avoid those thoughts?  I’ll give you a hint: It’s way-fricking-more than you realise.   

So, today, we’re going to figure out what those thoughts are, and we’re going to start the ball rolling on you not being consumed by them in the future.   

Firstly, write them down.  Journal the thoughts, and anything else about them that you want to write down.  There’s probably one or two thoughts that send you into a spin.  That’s what we’re looking for. 

It’s helpful to release the beliefs you have around this:

I can’t stop thinking about  _____ 

I must not think about ______ 

___________ is a nightmare 

There is no solution for _______ 

This will help to clear up the tension around the problem, so you can connect to your higher self and start downloading solutions that you can’t currently see. 

You can find the limiting belief release video here.


Prompt 2– ‘It’s not safe to trust my instincts’ 

Where might you have picked up this idea?   

Have you had an experience where you were (or thought you were) following your intuition and things have gone wrong?  What happened?  And what conclusions about yourself did you draw from it?   

Write it, draw it, meditate on it, contemplate it… and (I think) most importantly, do some limiting belief work around what you find. 

Limiting Belief Releases: 

It’s not safe to trust my instincts / I can’t be trusted / My intuition doesn’t work / I can only use my intuition for small decisions


Get in there, keep your sense of humour, and see what you unearth, I’ll be back next week! 

Love from 

Michelle xxx
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