Wealthology Insider Mail #19

Did you start your Wealthology Higher Self work last week?   

When you get those awesome downloads of brilliant ideas, that’s because your higher self connection is really clear and strong. 



Here are this weeks Wealthology Prompts… 


Prompt 1–  Always knowing best

What does this phrase mean to you?   Take a few minutes and roll it around your mind. 

The truth is, there’s probably an attachment to ‘knowing best’ lurking in there somewhere, nicely fuelled by your ego.  (No offence; we’ve all got one.) 

Imagine that your connection to your higher self is a four-lane motorway (highway) with information travelling down it, from the Universe, directly to you, using all the lanes and making great progress. 

When you’re attached to ‘knowing best’ it closes down the lanes on the highway.  Instead of receiving all this incredible new information, you get most of your ideas internally – and it’s stuff you already know. 

Time to start opening more lanes! 

Here’re some questions for you to ponder: Why do you have to know best?  To protect yourself?  To stop yourself looking stupid?  To prove you always have the answers?  Or is it someone else that always knows best, or better than you?  

Limiting Belief Releases (use the LBR technique, you can find it here) 

I must always know best / Knowing best keeps me safe / Mother knows best / _______ knows best (fill in the blank)



Prompt 2–  Why do I think that being anxious serves me?   

Being anxious shuts down the higher self connection and keeps us stuck in a mind-fear-ego loop, where we just don’t get the clear, helpful guidance that could be available to us.   

Somehow we can start to believe that worrying about things keeps them from happening.  I sometimes catch myself refusing to relax about my kids as it feels like my worrying keeps them safe.  Other people cling on to their fears about money in the same way – and that’s what this is all about.     

Where might you have picked up this idea?   

Have you had an experience where you were relaxed and confident and something went wrong?  What stories have you begun to tell yourself about that? 

Write it, draw it, meditate on it, contemplate it… and (I think) most importantly, do some limiting belief work around what you find. 

Limiting Belief Releases: 

Being anxious serves me / Being anxious keeps me safe / Being anxious stops bad things from happening / It’s not safe to relax / Bad things happen when I switch off 

Get in there, keep your sense of humour, and see what you unearth, I’ll be back next week!

Love from

Michelle xxx