Wealthology Insider Mail #20

Here are this week’s Wealthology prompts for the theme – Higher Self 



Here is this month’s affirmation.  Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.


Prompt 1– Knowing I am protected 

I’ve described the higher self before as this energy that we have a connection too, and if we view that connection as a highway, we want as many lanes as possible open. 

Stress closes down the lanes.  It blocks them, puts obstacles in them, and makes it hard for you to hear your higher self. 

Stress is, at its root, a sense of insecurity, dis-ease, or danger. 

Therefore, knowing that you’re protected (and note, it isn’t ‘faith that I am protected’ – it’s a sure knowing) is a great reliever of stress. 

Do you know this?  Why not?  Do you know it when you stop to think about it, but get triggered into a fear-state and forget?  What could you do to increase this knowing?   

Limiting Belief Releases (use the LBR technique, you can find it here) 


I am not protected  /  I am not cared for  /  I am not worthy of protection 


Prompt 2–  Allowing myself to not have all the answers   

How hard are you on yourself when you don’t know the answer to something? 

This might be everything from a pop quiz, to your kid’s homework, to a question from a prospective client, to a decision about the direction of your business. 

How do you behave when you don’t have answers? 

Why?  If you cast your mind back, what do you recall as being the consequence of not having an answer?   

And can you give yourself a bit of peace (and create space for your higher self to do its job) by allowing it to be different? 


Limiting Belief Releases

I must have all the answers  /  If I don’t have answers I am ________   /  Not knowing the answer is bad/dangerous/risky/stupidf

Some really juicy stuff to dig into there, I’m sending you a big (((HUG))) whilst you do it. 

Take care! 

Lots of love from,   

Michelle xxx
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