Wealthology Insider Mail #21

We’re finishing up this Higher Self work with something a little bit different for your Wealthology prompts…


Prompt 1–  Developing my connection to my higher self. 

For this one, all I want you to do is close your eyes and imagine your connection to your higher self.  Picture it, feel it, however you can get a sense of it.  (If it helps, I describe the higher self as like an ‘energy placenta’ on your energy field, that connects you to the Big U.) 

Just meditate on that connection and see what comes to mind as you focus on it.   Now set the intention that the connection is developing and strengthening, and focus on that for a minute or so. 

Prompt 2–  Activating my higher self 

Now do the same thing, but this time instead of ‘developing’ focus on ‘activating’. 

See what comes to mind for you.  When I did this I saw the higher self ‘placenta’ get zapped with those shock-pads they revive people with in Grey’s Anatomy!   

Meditate on that ‘activation’ for a couple of minutes and see what happens.  Now set the intention that your higher self is activated and supporting you, and focus on that for a minute or so. 

Have a fantastic week, I’ll be back soon!

Love from 

Michelle xxx