Wealthology Insider Mail #22

This week we’re moving on to a new Wealthology Theme…Controlling.  (Don’t worry, it’s better than it sounds.)  

This is all about allowing the Universe to satisfy you.  

You know the best way to manifest is to state what you desire, then keep taking baby-step actions towards it, whilst being detached from the outcome and how it will happen.   

And that detachment part is reeeeally hard to do! 

We’re human beans – we’re programmed to get stuff done, take care of business and make shiz happen! 

We like control.  It keeps us ‘safe’.  (Or at least gives us the illusion of safety.) 

When we hold on tightly to what we want and how it will happen it gives the Big U no wiggle-room to work its magic. 

So this is all about relaxing our grip on life and allowing great things to happen. 

As always, here’s a bit more insight into how Controlling shows up for you Wealthology Profile… 

The Achiever
– controls their desires. They see everything that they want, and deep down they think that they can’t have it until they’re rich, or thin, or better in some way, so they control their desire to have it.

The Strategist
– controls their pain. They’re often tense, stressed, and anxious, and they will not want you to know that, because then you would know that they aren’t in control.

The Hustler
– controls their actions. They manage their behaviour in order to avoid any situation where others might become hostile towards them, because they find it very distressing when people are angry with them.

The Guardian
– controls their behaviour. They put limits on themselves, so that they’re not ‘inappropriate’. They constantly try to adapt to their circumstances and make sure everyone else is ok.

The Thinker
– controls how they are seen. They think that if their true nature were revealed, they would be judged and no longer included. This means that they often go over the top with people pleasing, and are over-kind and over-concerned, usually at the cost of their own time and energy.

The Light
– controls their brightness. They often have a deep-seated belief that if they shine their light as bright as they can, then everything will be so successful, so fast, that they’ll leave their loved ones behind.



Here is this month’s a new affirmation.  Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

I am light 

I am reflection 

I am infinite 

This works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently every day, for the whole month.

As always these words are muscle tested especially for this theme, and the image for this month is one of my favourites; it was painted by Jessica Roth, jeweller and crystal healer.   
It’s the right size for an iPhone lock screen, which is where I’ve put mine again this month!

Here are this week’s Money Block Prompts… 


  1. It’s ok not to know 

As a kid I spoiled Christmas for myself by finding my presents, because I couldn’t handle not knowing what I was going to get.  What a mistake – I did not do that again!  I wish I could say I’d found ‘not knowing’ easy after that, but… no.  I like to be in control and to know what’s going to happen – and how things are going to work out.  Why do we find it so important to know?  

That’s what we want to dig into now.  Have a think – when you were young, did you have an experience where there was a negative consequence for not knowing something?  Or a reward for having the answers? 

Then use the LBR and do the Limiting Beliefs:  It’s not ok not to know / I must have all the answers.   

Everyone can find the Limiting Belief Release technique here.


2. Spreading my wings 

Imagine you have a pair of wings on your back.  And when you try and lift them to fly, something in you kicks in and controls them.  What is that? 

What’s the fear or belief that keeps you from spreading your wings?  For this one, I suggest just closing your eyes and imagining your wings unfolding… imagine your business or dreams really taking off – and then ask yourself ‘what do I need to control to keep myself safe?’ 

For the Limiting Beliefs do:  It’s not safe to spread my wings / Flying is dangerous / I must stay grounded 


Have fun digging into those, and I’ll be back with you next week!   


Sending you love,

Michelle xxx