Wealthology Insider Mail #26

Hello there!

This is Wealthology Mail and we’re working on the new theme of Self-Punishment!

Don’t worry, it’s not as hideous as it sounds.

Let’s recap on Self-Punishment and what it means for your Wealthology Profile:

We punish ourselves a lot. Most of the time without realising that we’re doing it, and often with little know-how of why – or how to stop doing it.

Smashing your limiting beliefs around self-punishment can lead to massive breakthroughs.

The Achiever– punishes themselves because they subconsciously believe that there has to be struggle and sacrifice to achieve their goals – it can’t be easy, and there has to be a problem.

The Strategist– punishes themselves because they subconsciously believe that they are weak. They worry about letting people down, and they hold back from asking for the sale, or ‘closing’ the clients, because their worst fear is having a conversation about something they did wrong.

The Hustler– self-punishes because they have a subconscious belief that it keeps them safe. It’s a form of self-protection; if you’re punishing yourself, you’re more prepared when you come under attack.

The Guardian– punishes themselves because they have a subconscious belief that it protects them from being disappointed. They stop their own momentum, and avoid flying too high, so that they don’t have too far to fall.

The Thinker– punishes themselves because they have subconsciously believe that it creates security. It keeps them in a mind-set of lack and fear, which they think is what stops them over-spending and making financial mistakes.

The Light– punishes themselves because they have a subconscious belief that it keeps them small enough to avoid being punished by others. They self-punish by really letting the negative self-talk go into overdrive.

This month’s affirmation is:

I am wise.  I am intuitive.  I am magic.

Find the image to use as your phone lockscreen here.

Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

The affirmation works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently, for the month we’re working on Self-Punishment.

Here are this week’s prompts…

1. What am I being pulled towards?

Not everything we are drawn to is good for us.

A lot of us believe that good things don’t come to us unless we’re deserving, and how do we feel more deserving?  By working more, sleeping less and essentially, burning out.

So ask yourself, what I being pulled towards?  Is it good for me?

And if it’s not, ask yourself why you’re pulled towards doing it.

Use the Limiting Belief Release:  I am only worthy when the process has been painful / I am weak / I need to be hard on myself


2. What do I keep repeating?  

It’s very easy for us human beans to pick up bad habits.

We inadvertently bury ourselves in repeating patterns because the monkey mind is more comfortable doing what it’s done before, but these are often the things that hold us back.

There’s a good chance you know what’s holding you back right now.

The first step to sorting this out is to clear the belief that you have to keep repeating stuff, and the you can’t stop.

Use the LBR and do these limiting beliefs: I can’t break my repeating patterns / I can’t change my behaviour easily / Creating new habits is hard


Everyone can find the Limiting Belief Release Technique here.

Have fun digging into those, and I’ll be back with you next week.

Lots of love,
Michelle xxx