Wealthology Insider Mail #34

This is Wealthology Mail and we’re working on the new theme of Encouragement!

Let’s take a moment to recap on Encouragement and what it means for your Wealthology Profile.

The origin of the word ‘encourage’ is found in ancient French, meaning to ‘make strong’. It comes from the words ‘en’ – to put in – and ‘corage’ – courage. To put in courage, and make strong…no wonder encouragement is a huge source of power and progress for you.

It should be simple; encouragement feels good to give and receive, we get and gift plenty of it, and we’re filled with courage and made strong, and we race towards our dreams in complete alignment.

Sadly, it’s not quite that straightforward, and in reality we all have a block around encouragement that activates triggers, flicks us out of alignment, or kicks us off our path.

So, how does your Wealthology Profile interact with encouragement?

The Achiever– gets blocked by encouragement because they need it so much. They even say ‘I need encouragement’. They want to feel that they’re doing well, and without encouragement they find it hard to take action. They have huge amounts of self-doubt and will constantly check in with other people before and during decision making.

The Strategist– allows encouragement to interfere with their original ideas and plans. They have an idea, and seek out other people for encouragement. Too often, what happens is that they feedback comes in the form of opinions and changes to the original idea, and they lose sight of what they wanted to do, and it no longer seems appealing.

The Hustler– is determined not to need encouragement. They’re so used to being independent, and ready for criticism, that they go full-force into their new ideas impulsively, with their guard up.

The Guardian– focuses so much on encouraging other people that they forget to encourage themselves. They subconsciously expecting everyone else to show up and cheerlead for them in the way they do for others, and when this doesn’t happy, they assume they’re not loved, because to them, loving someone means encouraging everything about them.

The Thinker– gets blocked by encouragement because they’ve usually never had enough of it. They just don’t know what it feels like to be encouraged to follow their path, think of themselves, and do what they really want to do. They’re often carrying a huge amount of pain from past experiences of not having their true self encouraged.

The Light– feels that encouragement has to be deserved. They apply this rule to everyone, especially themselves. They make constant, subconscious judgements about who should be encouraged, and only praise when their invisible requirements are meant.

This month’s affirmation is:

I am encouraged.  I am encouraging.  I am encouragement.

Find the image to use as your phone lockscreen here.

Repeating these words out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

The affirmation works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently, for the month we’re working on Encouragement.

Here are this week’s prompts…

1. What happens if I (don’t) get encouragement?

By now you know that I’m a lover of human behaviour, and I find the different ways we respond to encouragement fascinating!

Depending on your Wealthology profile, encouragement can do anything from motivate you to trigger you.

What does it do for you personally?

How do you behave when someone encourages (or doesn’t encourage) you?

Try not to judge yourself, just have a look at your behaviour with humour and a light heart.

Take a moment, journal it out.

Use the Limiting Belief Release: My achievement depends on encouragement / I need encouragement / I don’t need encouragement

2. Feeling inferior  

Feeling inferior can trigger all sorts of emotions, but when coupled with encouragement it can really affect our behaviour.

In a situation where you feel inferior how do you respond to encouragement?

Get frustrated?  Feel patronised?  Retreat further into yourself?

Or do you need encouragement to step up and out of your shell?

What does feeling inferior bring up for you?

Feel into it.

Use the LBR and do these Limiting beliefs: I am always inferior / I depend on encouragement


Everyone can find the Limiting Belief Release Technique here.

Have fun digging into those, and I’ll be back with you next week.

Lots of love,
Michelle xxx