Wealthology Insider Mail #39

This is Wealthology Mail and we’re working on the theme of Self-Actualisation!

This month’s affirmation is:

I can be what I want to be.

Find the image to use as your phone lockscreen here.

Here are this week’s Money Mail prompts…

1. What do I fear?

What’s the fear that’s stopping you from being what you want to be?

Admitting fear isn’t always easy, and it’s definitely not something most people are excited to do.

It can make us vulnerable – and generally our ego doesn’t really like that!

When we feel stuck, it’s often at least partly because we’re in fear.

So take a moment to figure it out: What’s the fear holding you back from being who you want to be?

Use the Limiting Belief Release: I am scared to make a change / I can’t change / I can’t have what I want / I can’t be who I want to be


2. Intuition and mistakes

So, you’re told to follow your intuition, that gut feeling.

You’re told not to ignore it, so you don’t.

You listen out for it, you trust it, you take action and then…


It all goes pear-shaped.

And you’re left feeling cheated and hurt by your intuition.

The result?  You question yourself more and shut down the communication with your intuition.

Where do you feel you trusted your intuition and got it ‘wrong’?

Journal it out, take some time, and let’s get rid of those pesky beliefs and get you reconnected to your intuition right now.

Use the LBR and do these limiting beliefs: I can’t trust my intuition / I will get it wrong if I listen to my intuition / Someone/I will get hurt if I listen to my intuition / I can’t be trusted


Everyone can find the Limiting Belief Release Technique here.

Lots of love,
Michelle xxx