Wealthology Insider Mail #47

This is Wealthology Mail and we’re working on the final theme of Self-Liberation!

This month’s affirmation is:

I think what I want to think.

Find the image to use as your phone lockscreen here.

Repeating this phrase out loud, and confidently, will gently shift your energy and keep you focused on this work.

The affirmation works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently, for the month we’re working on self-liberation.

Here are this week’s prompts…

1. Fear of authority

Who were the authority figures in your life as a child?  Did you they scare you?  (They probably did at some point, as we’re often kept within our childhood boundaries with a dose of fear.)

Have there been occasions when you ‘liberated’ your thoughts and you weren’t met with bag full of positivity?

I want you to think about a time when you have been punished for being liberated – saying/ thinking what you wanted to.

Has it meant that you have a fear of authority now that keeps you holding back?

Use the Limiting Belief Release: If I self-liberate I’ll be punished / I can’t say what I think / I can’t think what I want to think



2. Coping with success

This is an interesting one.  What do you see very successful people struggling with?

We all see people’s struggles differently, but what worries you about ‘being successful’?

Jot down whatever comes to mind.

Use the LBR and do these Limiting beliefs: I can’t cope with success / I don’t want to cope with success

Everyone can find the Limiting Belief Release Technique here.

Have fun digging into those, and I’ll be back with you next week!

Lots of love,
Michelle xxx