Wealthology Insider Mail #3

I’m back as promised with your next set of Wealthology Prompts for Family: Week 3!


Awareness is a powerful thing – so it’s my hope that by helping you to focus on a different set of money blocks each week, you can start to shift them, so you can enjoy wealth without limits!


Let’s crack on with it!






If you go here you’ll find an affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it.  It’s the right size for an iphone lock screen, which is where I’ve put mine!






Ready to dive in?  Every week I’ll give you a couple of areas to focus on, that will help you uncover your money blocks.  You’ll find a word or phrase to prompt you, and some accompanying questions to ask yourself.



You can do as little or as much as you want!



Stay curious, stay inquisitive, and keep your sense of humour – and especially, be kind to yourself.  The human mind is capable of all sorts of bollocks, so let’s find out what it’s telling you about money shall we?



PROMPT 1 – Knowing I am acceptable


How hard is it for you to know that you are acceptable? What’s your immediate reaction to reading that?  Be aware – if you feel defensive and like you want to make sure other people know you’re acceptable, you’ve got more work to do here.  Think about times when you haven’t felt acceptable.  Is there still some pain lingering there?  It’s ok.  Journal it out, have a good cry, and feel this (((hug))).


Have a think about how this relates to how you make money. If you felt truly acceptable, to your audience, your prospects, your clients, maybe your boss or colleagues, how would it affect the actions you take in your work?


Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here – you could release the limiting beliefs “I am unacceptable”  and “I must make myself acceptable” – and any others you find relating to p you thought of.


PROMPT 2 – Childhood memories of me being sad


What’s the first memory that springs to mind when you think of this?  It might not be what you’d expect.  Look at the bigger picture of that experience, and the other people who were involved.  How did you perceive them in terms of their ability to succeed or their level of wealth?


Money blocks and beliefs are often created in situations that you just don’t equate with money.  That’s why they remain hidden, even when you’re looking for them.  What did you start to think about money or people with/out money during times of sadness.


Be honest with yourself with this, because it makes everything easier, even if it hurts.


Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here – you can release the limiting belief “I am sad”  and “(Issue related to money) creates sadness”.  Also you can do any others you find relating to the questions above.



Take a few minutes to clear this stuff up, I promise it will be worth it.



Here’s your checklist:


Make sure you have the affirmation image somewhere you can see it, you can find it here.


Do the affirmation 3 x, 3 x per day


Do the journaling around this week’s Wealthology Prompts


Use the Limiting Belief Release


Take care of yourself – 2 litres of water a day, and lie flat for 10 minutes a day!


I’ll be back next week  – until then…


Lots of love,


Michelle xxx

PS – The affirmation image for your phone (or wherever you want to put it) is here.

PPS – If you identify some limiting beliefs, you can use my trademarked technique, the Limiting Belief Release, to clear them in 30 seconds.  Find it here.


Wealthology Insider Mail #2

I’m back as promised with your next set of Wealthology Money Prompts!


Every week I’ll suggest specific places to look for your money blocks.


My intention is that by putting your awareness onto these areas, you can start clearing them up – either by doing energy work, or simply journaling and giving it some thought.



Awareness is a powerful thing – so it’s my hope that by helping you to focus on a different set of money blocks each week, you can start to shift them, so you can enjoy wealth without limits!



If you go here you’ll find a Family Theme affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it.  It’s the right size for an iphone lock screen, which is where I’ve put mine!






Ready to dive in?  Every week I’ll give you a couple of areas to focus on, that will help you uncover your money blocks.  You’ll find a word or phrase to prompt you, and some accompanying questions to ask yourself.



You can do as little or as much as you want!



Stay curious, stay inquisitive, and keep your sense of humour – and especially, be kind to yourself.  The human mind is capable of all sorts of bollocks, so let’s find out what it’s telling you about money shall we?



PROMPT 1 – Someone who made me stressed as a child.


The first person that springs to mind might not be who you would expect.


Often there were minor players in our childhood’s who had a surprising amount of influence even if they only featured briefly – or were perceived as a positive element in your life.


Take a few minutes to think about this and scribble down some notes.



PROMPT 2 – Someone in my family I am awkward around.


Again, the answer to this might surprise you.  It might not, that’s ok!


When we feel awkward around someone it can mean that there’s a misalignment between what we perceive our values and their values to be – and money can be very divisive.


Let’s release some of the stress around this.


Have a think about the person you feel awkward around. Why is that?  How are they different to you?  How do you think they perceive you?  Are you the ‘rich’ one?  Are you the ‘poor disappointment?’  People love assign labels to us, and we also assign them to ourselves on their behalf.


Be honest with yourself with this, because it makes everything easier, even if it hurts.


That thought you avoid admitting to yourself, feel the truth of it now.  It might be emotional.  That’s ok.  You are safe, and you are always supported, even if you don’t always feel it.


If you identify some limiting beliefs, you can use my trademarked technique, the Limiting Belief Release, to clear them in 30 seconds.  Find it here.


More next week!


Love from,

Michelle xxx


Wealthology Insider Mail #1

Month 1 – we’re starting with Family.


If you’ve read Wealthology, or been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that clearing up my money story around the two sides of my family was fundamental in allowing money to flow in.


I had no clue that I’d picked up the idea that ‘if I make lots of money I will become miserabe, and I won’t belong with the people who love me’.


And yet it was there – buried in my subconscious and holding me back from creating wealth.


So, we’re going to dig in to your Family story around money, and find out how it’s blocking you.


Let’s quickly recap how your Wealthology Profile can be affected by this theme:


The Achiever worries about what their family members think of them, and also about what other people think of their family. Their relatives (especially the women) are often very fearful of doing anything that might give people a reason to talk about them. This is passed on to The Achiever who worries about doing anything that might upset the family, or attract attention. The family ethic is likely to be very grounded in hard work, so it can be hard for these clients to follow their heart and live in flow, enjoying doing what they love.


The Strategist always feels the need to be responsible. Even as the youngest family member, they will take responsibility for everyone else’s problems. Their family often has really high expectations of them, and conversely they often have low expectations of other people.


As a child, the Hustler often found themselves in trouble for voicing their opinions. They always had a feeling that they were different, and often spent a good chunk of their childhood waiting to become adults, so they could make their own choices. The kicker here is that family and approval are subconsciously far more important to them than they realise. Beneath the freethinking exterior is a big softie who would love nothing more than to be approved of and completely accepted.


The Guardian feels they have to modify their behaviour to fit it. In childhood, they might have felt very confused as to why they weren’t chosen, or why a sibling was a favourite, or why they were ignored. A small number of incidences where their enthusiasm for their own talents resulted in an adult losing their temper may have had a huge effect on their ability to be themselves.


The Thinker was raised to have a strong sense of duty. This affects their ability to choose what feels best for themselves, and keeps them focused on doing the ‘right’ thing. They see keenly where others have tried hard or sacrificed for them, and they try very hard to clear this debt or repay their family in whatever way they can.


The Light had to grow up fast and ‘be good’. As children, they were often expected to be tiny adults, and spent a lot of their time trying very hard not to upset anyone. They often believe that their innate brightness somehow makes them less lovable – they must not outshine siblings, they must not show off, they must keep themselves dimmed and let other people take the spotlight.


Your Wealthology Affirmation for this month:

I am constant

I am perfect

I am complete


This works best if you repeat it three times, three times a day, out loud and confidently – every day this month!


If you go here you’ll find an affirmation image you can put somewhere you’ll see it,  that’s the right size for an iphone lock screen.


The elephant’s spirit is perfect for the theme of family.  The photo is from the safari Pete and I took on our honeymoon – I hope you like it!


Family Week 1 – Money Block Prompts


  • Being selfish


Have a think about how various members of your family perceives selfishness?  Some ideas… are wealthy people selfish?  Do you have to be selfish to get rich?  Is it seen as selfish to want to do things for yourself?  When you think of your family, money, and the word ‘selfish’ – what comes to mind?  Take a few minutes to think about this and scribble down some notes.


You can clear the stress around this using a Thought Edit if you’ve got the EE course.


Everyone can access the limiting belief release technique here– release the limiting belief ‘I am selfish’ and any others you find relating to the questions above.


  • Power


Ooh, that’s a trigger word isn’t it?  It might trigger good feelings or stress, but it’s going to activate something!  What does it make you think?  How does your family react to the idea of power?  How do they behave when it comes to power?  Do they have power over you?  What does ‘my family, power and money’ make you think about?  Journal it out!


If you identify some limiting beliefs, you can use my trademarked technique, the Limiting Belief Release, to clear them in 30 seconds.  Find it here.


That’s it for this week!


Love from

Michelle xx

Money is not a four letter word

Meeting new people at an event, triggers one issue for me – how to answer the question ‘What do you do?’


I was massively fortunate at Archangel Academy 2016 to receive so much support from so many amazing entrepreneurs.


Some who talked it through with me, some who offered to help me figure it out, some who explained to other people what I do on my behalf, and some who were open to experiencing it for themselves.


I’ve wrestled with the word ‘healer’ for so long, I thought it was a fear of being associated with the stigma of that word, that was blocking me from being able to easily state what I do.


Recently though, I’ve found some peace around that, and still my ‘what I do’ statement felt misaligned.


48 hours after the event, I had a breakthrough.


It’s not my resistance to ‘healing’ that’s the issue. Somewhere along the way, I’ve begun to resist talking about money.


The irony?


That’s what I specialise in.


I help entrepreneurs to quickly heal their relationship with money so they can enjoy making lots of it.


And I’m really fecking good at it.


When I first started smashing people’s money blocks, I happily explained it that way and my life was really simple.


Somewhere along the way, I began to feel that wasn’t ‘enough’, that it was shallow, and that maybe it was making some of my friends uncomfortable – and I began to dress it up as other things.


I lost myself.


I started talking about how I do what I do, about the emotional triggers I clear, about what happens to your energy when we work, about how I help people be their authentic selves and get paid lots for it.


And I can do all of that as part of the money block work.


But what really excites me, my true gift, is figuring out the silent story that your subconscious tells you about money, and quickly editing it, so that you can enjoy wealth without limits.


Because when I found and erased my silent story, everything changed.


In March 2014, I was making $50 an hour as an energy therapist, and barely turning a profit, even though I was healing all sorts of mysterious conditions. Pregnant with my third baby, I decided to go on maternity leave and not return.


When baby Jackson was six weeks old, I read The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, and he described the ‘upper limit’ concept – that we have a subconscious reason why we limit our earning potential.


Fascinated, I energy-tested for my story. I found this: As a kid, the two sides of my family were very different. One side very wealthy and unwelcoming, and the other side not-so-wealthy and big-hearted.


Completely unaware, I was carrying the belief that if I made a lot of money, I’d no longer belong with the people I love – and I didn’t want to belong with the other tribe.


So I stayed stuck, self-sabotaging and holding back so that my income always plateaued at a safe and ‘justifiable’ level.


Having found the story, I did some energy work to edit it. Within 48 hours, everything changed. I was in demand from clients all over the world, I kept raising my prices and still they kept booking sessions.


When I couldn’t keep up with demand I launched a group programme, and made $45,267 in two weeks. My husband quit his stressful teaching job and we’ve both been at home full time ever since, with him taking care of Jackson.


My business has continued to grow and thrive, and it’s now $5000 to work with me instead of $50, and my last launch was $72k.


But somehow, somewhere, I’d started telling myself a new story about money, that it was shallow and making people feel awkward.


I began to hold back my passion for money.


Until Archangel Academy 2016.


Being in a room full of people playing their own game at the highest level, and supporting each other to stand in their fullest potential – I needed that so much more than I knew.


This morning when I was thinking about the new connections I made with amazing people who were really interested in what I do, I realised that they all wanted to talk about money, and where they might be blocking it.


And these conversations lit me up, and allowed me to share my superpower, and made me remember how much fun my work was when I was totally upfront about my real passion.


From the outside it might have looked like I was helping them, but really they were helping me. It makes me smile that it was the giving and not the asking, that showed me the way back to myself.


It also makes me smile that after an ‘AA meeting’ I’m once again ready to stand up and say: I’m Michelle Lowbridge, and I help entrepreneurs edit their money story, so they can make a shit-tonne of cash while they change the world.

I said to my husband last week, ‘I think I’m going to come home different, I thought I’d better warn you.’


And I returned to England a truer version of me, with a real sense of peace around who I am, and ready to enjoy my superpower in 2016.


And that’s going to mean I have to talk about money.


Here’s the truth – money is a tool which you can use to make your dreams come true.


It doesn’t matter if that dream is a family holiday in Thailand, a bigger home, philanthropy, investing in yourself or your future, adventures, experiences, or anything else you can think of.


Money is just a tool.


It’s a physical representation of energy, that you can trade for the things and experiences you desire.


It’s not dirty, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


It’s more than ok to desire whatever you desire – and it’s natural to want more – that’s how we evolve!


We’re humans. Our very nature is to keep evolving, to keep desiring new experiences.


Maybe you want less stuff, and more peace or time to be creative.


Great. If you were paid more money for working less hours, wouldn’t that make peace and creativity even easier?


It’s only when we think we can’t have more, or we think we shouldn’t want more, or we worry what other people think, that this aspect of our human nature becomes a problem.


We’re here to enjoy everything this planet has to offer, and we all have unique tastes and wishes, and that’s perfect.


Whatever you desire and wish for, I salute you.


Money is one of many tools that can enhance your life, and helping more of it flow to you easily is my superpower.


So if like me, you’ve been holding back from talking about your unique gift, or you feel you have to apologise for earning more or wanting more, or you constantly feel the need to justify the good things in your life, stick around –


2016 is for you.


More soon….


Love from



3 Myths That Stop You Making Money

This time last year I charged about $50 an hour for one-to-one client work.

I had a few clients.

It was not a great business model.

I quit.

I studied online business for months.

Then I changed my energy around money.

And in a crazy spin of events I made over $45,000 in two weeks.

These days I only work one-to-one in my $5000 VIP programme.

I know so agonisingly well how it feels to be in business limbo.

You just want to make money doing something you love.

But you can’t figure out what that is or how to make it happen.

So I thought I’d help erase the myths that are stopping you from making money.

You know, these ones…

I don’t have a perfect website.

I don’t have anything people will buy from me.

I don’t know how to promote myself.


Here we go.

  1. I don’t have a (perfect) website. 

Guess what?

You don’t need a website.

You certainly don’t need a perfect website.

When I made that $45,000 in two weeks I just used Simplero and Leadpages.

Leadpages is a website that hosts sales pages, opt-in pages, and all sorts of groovy stuff.

The templates are all set up, you just edit the tex and add in your own content.

It’s quick, easy to use and you can get an account for about $40 per month.

With Simplero you can do everything – from create a membership site or host an online course, or sell your digital products.

Last year I suddenly found myself in demand for one-to-one energy work to smash money blocks – I spent five minutes in Simplero and I was ready to take payments.

For the big launch, a Leadpages sales page linked to a Simplero payment page (hooked up to paypal) and I was done.

I bypassed my website completely.

No website?

No excuse!

  1. I don’t have anything people would buy from me.

Quite frankly my dear, this is bollocks.

We ALL have a monetizable skill.  (Monetizable may not be a word.)

I guarantee you, there is a subject that you’re an expert in.

You have knowledge about something that is GOLD to someone else.

Do you keep any sort of notebooks, or write down goals, or ideas?

Have a look through them.

I recently did this and was amazed – the amount of times I’d written down ‘combine law of attraction knowledge with energy work’ over the last few years is astounding.

On some level I knew this was my zone of genius… I just took some time to realise it.

What’s that one idea that you have tucked away, that thing you always come back to?

What’s stopping you from putting it out there?

I’d guess it’s one of two things:

a.) You’re waiting for it to be perfect.

b.) You’re scared that if you put it out there in a small way someone will steal the idea.

Let’s break this down.

a.) Perfectionism keeps you small. 

It holds you back.

It’s your enemy.

You can spend months perfecting something and nobody buys it.

(Been there, done that, blog post to follow.)

Honestly, you can’t afford to be a perfectionist.

Just take action.

Staying still stinks.  Literally.

Have you been near stagnant water?

Humans are the same.

Stay still, you stagnate.

Just do something, as well as you can, as quickly as you can.

b.)  Fear of being copied will cripple you. 

There may well be someone that tries to rip you off or imitate you.

There might be people who take your ideas and use them for their own gain.

Often, on an energetic level, they are held back because the soul knows when you’re not playing fair.

Imitating might give them a boost, a push forward, but the Big U knows what’s going on – and it always sorts the wheat from the chaff in the end.

This might be something you have to deal with, or have your lawyers deal with.

But guess what?

It’s not a reason not to do something!

If you don’t put your ideas out there, someone else will anyway, because all ideas are held in the quantum field.

If you get a download or flash of inspiration, and you don’t take action, someone else will.

And – most importantly – there is an audience that only wants to hear what YOU have to say on the subject.

Tom, Dick or even Prince Harry could be saying the same thing, and YOUR audience wouldn’t listen. 

They are waiting for you.

So crack on with it.


  1. I don’t know how to promote myself.

Oh I know that feeling!

If I was slightly more street, I’d say something like ‘I feel you sister’ and double high-five you.

I think there are two sides you need to tackle this from.

One is the inner work – get in touch with what’s holding you back and smash the hell out of it.

Or gently release it, whichever appeals more.

Personally, I don’t mess around, I like to GSD.  (Get Shit Done).  (Please don’t my husband I just used that abbreviation, he will cringe himself out of existence.)

And the other is the outer work – getting some good advice and then taking some serious action.

You don’t know what you can do until you do it!

You have to polish both sides of the coin.

If you’re feeling paralysed because your self-worth is cripplingly low, get some help, so you can start to see how awesome you are.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘be yourself’ ‘ you’re the brand’ – but if you’re not feeling very chipper it can hard to even know exactly who that is.

A few years ago I was really struggling with a lot of things.

I had totally lost sight of myself.

Then my marriage ended.

I joined a netball team.

I made a conscious decision before I walked in the door for the first time, that I would be me.

But I didn’t really feel like I knew who I was.

This is how I did it:

I realised that of the people I spent time with, I was most happy and relaxed around my brother.

When we’re together, we get more and more alike, and it’s hilarious.  (Well, our parents think so, it’s probably not that funny.)

And my brother is a really likeable, funny, friendly, popular guy.

So I thought, if I’m like him, and he’s likeable, then maybe I can just go in there and be myself, and people will like me too.

(Writing that just made me cry.)

I silently vowed to myself that I would go in there and just be me.

The ‘me’ that my brother knows, the relaxed me who laughs at pretty much everything, including myself, and isn’t apologetic for what I think or feel.

I decided to forget about all the baggage I lugged around, forget about over-thinking everything and worrying and fearing and wondering how best to get people to like me, because I felt so desperately unlikeable.

I said to myself, and I can remember it vividly:

“I’ll go in there and be myself, and if they don’t like me then I’ll accept that, and if they do, it’s going to make life so much easier.”

Guess what?

Friends for life.

In fact, those netballers changed my life.

They accepted me.

(Crying again.)

They liked me.

I loved them.

They’re some of my closest friends, who’ve taught me so much about what friendship means, and I admire each and every one of them for so many reasons.

So if you’re wondering who you really are, think about this:

Who are you most happy around?

This isn’t necessarily who gives you a rush of adrenaline, who makes you tick, who keeps you on your toes – because that’s more likely to be someone you’re slightly tense around.

Who just gets it?

Who do you really relax around? 

The ‘you’ that shows up for that person is the real you.

And guess what?

You’re pretty fecking brilliant, inside and out.

That ‘you’ can show up anywhere, and be good enough for anything you want to do.

Then what?

How do you promote yourself?


Take action.

And by that I mean actually DO something.

We both know that planning and researching can easily turn into 8 hours down the Google-hole.

We try and convince ourselves that it’s ‘taking action’ but we both know that’s bollocks.

Here’s a simple rule for you:

Action is not passive.

Keep that in mind as you choose where to put your time.

So there we go.

No more excuses.

No website? 

No matter.

No skills? 


No promotion abilities?  

Relax.  YOU are a gem just waiting to shine.

Lots and LOTS of love

Michelle xxx

My Money Story

I’ve got a confession to make.

In March last year I quit practising kinesiology.

After five years of studying, building my practice, and working with beloved clients, I packed away my kit to concentrate on my online business for the last few months of my pregnancy.

I had worked through my feelings of guilt around quitting something I’d worked so long to get to the top of, and I was genuinely excited to focus on my happiness teaching.

Fast-forward to July.

Baby Jackson was six weeks old and utterly perfect, being doted on by his dad and his two big sisters.

I, however, had started to feel restless.

I read about the concept of the upper limit…

That we all have a level of what we subconsciously believe we deserve to have and earn in life.

When we bump against those levels and try to push past them, we meet resistance.

We self-sabotage.  We attract circumstances that make things difficult.

We end up staying at the same level, energetically – and financially.  When I read that part, my spidey-sense kicked in on full power.

This explained why, in my two businesses – an online retail store and my kinesiology practice – when one got busy the other one slowed right down.

I had an invisible limit on my income, and no matter how hard I worked the total income would remain the same.

It explained why at the end of my honeymoon I manifested a jellyfish sting and then put my back out – because the resort was more luxurious than I was used to and so I couldn’t possibly just relax and enjoy it.

It explained why if I managed to squirrel away some extra savings, then the washing machine or car would break, because I couldn’t possibly have that much security.

And of course, if everything started going really well, if I dared to think about how well things were going, I’d wake up the next morning with my skin breaking out.  Lovely.

Skin issues aside, my invisible money limit had ensured that my income had stayed almost exactly the same for three years.

It seemed I needed to go on a massive money mindset mission to root through my mind and psyche for the secret explanation for my attitude to money.

Then I remembered.

I’m a kinesiologist!

I don’t need to wait, I can just ask my subconscious for the answers.

So I did.

I found my first limit in about two minutes; how awesome is that?

No exercises, no depressing moments, no tears, I just did my Energy Editor thing and muscle-tested for the answers.

In the energy work I do, all problems have a related block in the energy system.

My testing revealed my invisible money limit was to do with the two sides of my family.

One side is well-off, miserable and legendary for their tight-fistedness.  (My paternal grandmother once gave my brother a Walkman for Christmas.  It was worn, dusty and still had her Perry Como tape in it.)

The other side are hard-working, less well-off – and they are fantastic people… great fun, super-loving, really happy and heart-breakingly generous.

My experiences growing up with these two influences had resulted in a rather faulty belief – all rich people are miserable, and if you want to be really happy, don’t earn lots of money.

So, problem found, only a few months of mindset work to fix it.

Ugh.  That sounded like hard work.

Then I remembered.

I’m a kinesiologist!  I can fix this right now.

So I did.

A few energy corrections later and I’d shifted my first invisible money limit.

This process took me a few minutes to complete.

It would turn out to be the most important and life-changing thing I’d done since saying to my husband, Pete: “I’m VERY broody.” (Translation: Make me pregnant, NOW.)

Within 48 hours everything had changed.

Having driven my ‘well-loved’ Corsa (like a Geo Metro) for ten years, I went out the next day and bought a new car, which I also manifested a $8000 discount on.

I found a solution to a long-standing finance problem.

This problem did not have a solution.  Yet I found one!

This was exciting!  I wanted to share it.

The next day I popped into a Facebook group:

“I’ve got 15 baby-free minutes, and a new skill to practise.  Does anyone want their invisible money limit found and corrected?   I’m a kinesiologist and I’ll tune into your energy system and muscle test to find it.”

The crowd, as they say, went wild.

15 minutes ended up being two hours, with a pause to feed the baby and coming back for another few hours.

Now, when I first joined this group, as a way of getting to know people I’d offered to find their biggest money block for them, using my muscle-testing magic.  I got to know ladies in there and I got a big response.

But this time, because my hidden money story had changed, something else happened:

“I want to book a session with you Michelle.”

“I want a private session Michelle, how we can do that?”

“Can you and I work together one-on-one, Michelle?”

And so it went on.

I explained that I had a six week old baby, and also that I was no longer practising.

“Well if you decide to start practising please let me know.”

“And me.”

“Me too!”

I received private messages saying the same thing.

I spoke to Pete.  He’s a teacher, so he’s around for the summer, and he was quite happy to be daddy daycare if I wanted to bust out my kinesiology kit and do some work.

So I did.

I got great feedback and amazing things started happening for the ladies who had a session with me.

They shared their experiences.

Things like:

Since my session with Michelle… money is flowing in / I was contacted by my ideal client a few hours later / people are booking my VIP experience.

And I got busier and busier.

On the 20th July I started taking bookings.  By the 31st I’d received $5000 into my paypal account.

Zero to $5000 – in ELEVEN DAYS – from a business that I’d closed!

And guess what?  Even though one income stream went crazy, the other one didn’t slow down.

My online store was busier than ever too.

I ended up having an $11,600 month – by far the most money I’d ever made.

There were a few hiccups as I smacked into my limits – the dryer immediately died and I threw water all over my laptop.

A couple of energy corrections (and a very tech-talented hubby) later and everything was fine again and I kept moving upward with no more problems.

But that’s not the end of the story.

I thought I’d see what happened if I posted an offer of help in another – larger – forum.

Assuming there was no way the members would be interested, I sat back, ready to feel humiliated as my offer was inevitably swept to the bottom of the page.

Instead, I found myself calling “PETE!!  PETE I need your help!”

And we spent the next four hours in a whirl of energetic excitement.  I tested and set up the corrections, while he told me who was done and moved each set-up from my desk so I could do the next one.

555 comments on the thread later and there was no way I’d be able to do them all.

The next day I had to admit defeat.  But I had an idea.

“If anyone is interested then I can do a group correction where I smash the same energy block for everyone?”

And the crowd again went wild.

I was having a great time, people were feeling the energy shift, asking me how I did it, reporting back that good things were happening after my work, it was such good fun.

So I posted another one, and it got another great response.

That day I was having a chat with my brilliant friend Amy Latzen-Birks, the Strategy Ninja, and she uttered the immortal words:

“That’s a product.  Right there.  That’s a product.”

And The Prosperity Prescription was born.

Within 20 minutes she had me collecting email addresses from people who were interested in joining.

People signed up – they actually gave me their email address!

I kept hitting refresh on the Mail Chimp page and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

On Friday 8th August, my existing list had about 46 people on it.

By Saturday 9th August my new list had 300 new names and it was still growing.

That’s 650% growth in my list in one day.  


Amy had made one of my dreams come true by putting one of those fancy countdown timer things on my opt-in page!


And it was going to hit zero hour on Monday 11th August.


What a rush.  Emails went out on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday night my hubby built me a camera tripod out of a step ladder, a ruler and some electrical tape and I recorded the video that went on my sales page.

On Monday, the video went out, Charter Members were invited to enrol and Pete and I sat with our daughters, wondering what would happen.

I had said to them: “This might mean that Mummy gets paid to do something she absolutely loves doing!  So cross your fingers.”

And they did.

We waited.




“Someone signed up! Someone signed up!”

We went crazy!

‘Ping’ again!

The girls cheered, I cried, Pete was stunned.

And so it went on.

We closed enrolment with 165 amazing Charter Members for The Prosperity Prescription.

I have never been so humbled, so grateful, and so mind-blowingly honoured.

I had created something and people wanted to join in.  I had formed a group that would take its members on a journey of transformation over the next year.

It was a dream come true – one of those dreams that’s just so big, and so magical, and so life-changing, you don’t even dare to dream it.  It’s just within you, waiting to be unleashed.

And because The Prosperity Prescription is all about helping you to achieve greatness, to help you raise your rates and make more money, I’ll tell you the numbers.

The Prosperity Prescription launch generated over $43,000 in two weeks.

Using a skill that, five weeks previously, I thought was redundant.

That’s what happened to me when I smashed my money limit and erased my money blocks around family ‘stuff’.

What do you think would happen if we smashed and erased yours too?

Here’s what members of The Prosperity Prescription were saying in their first week…

“Michelle you truly are a bright light in this world.  And I think I speak for everyone in the Prosperity Prescription when I say that your talent surpasses anything any of us might have ever anticipated receiving from you or this experience.”

Michelle you are super interactive… I feel heard, sensed, not TOLD what to do but included, invited, cared for and loved … you are over-delivering.

“I feel infinitely held and safe in this group to smash those upper limits and create some new lifetime patterns of releasing blocks and continuing to align to my heart, path and purpose.  Thank you!”

“I am loving being a part of this group!  I am breaking through barriers and already noticing a positive difference in only a few days.  I even had a prospect follow up with me the other day and I scheduled an appointment for today and she’s moving forward!  I’m so excited to see what the results will be after a year!”

I’m still pinching myself and wondering if I’ll wake up from the most incredible dream, I just can’t believe this is my life now.

And I can’t wait to see what happens over the next year, for me AND for the amazing Charter Members.

I’ll keep you posted!

Love from

The Energy Editor
BA (Hons)