Amy Patee

Within seconds of the first energy edit I received a $5000 sponsor for an event.

I call that magic.

Michelle is at the forefront of a new age where we can suffer less and move forward with greater ease.

Amy Patee
Jessica Catorc

Michelle is a genius.

The changes I have seen in my business have been incredible.

I’m so grateful to have found her!

Jessica Catorc

Michelle Lowbridge is the kind of teacher who leads with compassion and heart.

She knows and lives her material, which is all important.

The added pluses of empathy and exuberance that she brings to audiences and clients is the infectious ingredient that sparks real transformation in their lives.

I’ve hired her as speaker and I highly recommend others consider her services if they too desire to facilitate creating changes in their own lives, or in the lives of others.

Mike Dooley
Mike DooleyNew York Times Bestselling Author of Infinite Possibilities
Cydney Mar

Since I joined The Prosperity Prescription I have tripled my income!

I’ve created opportunities and generated money in ways that I could not have even imagined before!

I am freer and happier than I have ever been…

Now I value myself!

Cydney MarFashion Designer
Laura Kay

Since joining The Prosperity Prescription, I have been absolutely blown away.

Money has been literally POURING in – at times from both expected and unexpected sources.

It’s not a coincidence that I started working with Michelle and then started having these experiences!

Laura KayFounder of Pink Spark Life

My session with Michelle was nothing short of transformational.

I followed her protocol precisely, and what transpired in my life was breathtaking.

Toxic connections were shattered, negative beliefs were released, and my life moved forward at warp speed.

Change happened in a way that simply cannot be attributed to chance!

If you’re ready to  move forward rapidly, then working with Michelle is definitely the way to go.

 She’s clearly a powerful and gifted healer.

Erin Cox
Erin CoxHay House Author, Speaker & Founder of the Enlightened Empire Builders
Sarah Leather

Since working with Michelle I have received huge clarity on my passion, purpose and direction.

This has resulted in knowing who I am here to serve, launching a beautiful new website and getting new VIP coaching clients!

Thank you Michelle.

Sarah LeatherTransformational Business Coach
Amy Birks

Working with Michelle changed my life.

My business has made more money in two months than in my entire last year.

It’s like having a private magician to bring the money you’ve been dreaming of right to your feet!

Amy BirksStrategy Ninja

Even us successful 6-figure biz babes can get blocked sometimes.

I contacted Michelle after a weird 6-week energy slump in which I had a crisis about my business and how to move forward.

I actually knew practically what to do but I had some weird energetic blocks about doing it.

I’d also been attracting copycats into my circle which had stressed me out and made me feel like giving up.

Michelle worked me through these blocks with her Energy Editor magic and I woke up the next day feel full of sparkle and ready to take my business to new heights.

I’m not woo woo at all so Michelle’s straight forward style suited me down to the ground.

Star Khechara
Star KhecharaMiss Monetisation
Yasmin Vorajee

After a highly successful 12 year corporate career, I started my own business.

Cue confusion, stress and overwhelm.

I invested heavily in learning all aspects of online business but something was missing.

Focusing on my energy was the missing link.

Since being in The Prosperity Prescription, my business has gone from strength to strength.

I’m now in the flow… full of joy, fun and love!

Yasmin VorajeeTiny Time, Big Results
Raine Boyd

It is amazing what you do Michelle!

After the corrections I took the week off, did nothing but read and rest.

I made more money than the weeks I was slaving over the computer.

You rock!

Raine BoydArtist, Illustrator & Creative Biz Coach

When I first “met” Michelle I knew I HAD to book a session.

I’d been intrigued by kinesiology for months, but I had no idea how it worked.

All I knew was that after almost six months of self-imposed income hibernation, I was finally ready to move onward and upward to the next level in my business.

Michelle was GREAT – explained everything as we were going through the process.

It was really interesting to hear what came up during our call.

Tuned in to some insights + clarity on beliefs I wasn’t really AWARE I held.

Loved it!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after our call, I ended up having my second best week ever…

without any major illnesses or catastrophes in the process.

Can’t wait for the next session!

Nikki Elledge-Brown
Nikki Elledge-BrownThe Communication Stylist
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