In March 2014 I closed down my business.

After five years of studying, building my energy therapy practice, and working with beloved clients, I packed away my kit to concentrate on creating an online business.

A few months later, baby Jackson was six weeks old and utterly perfect, being doted on by his dad and his two big sisters.

I started to feel restless.

I had heard of a concept of ‘money blocks’ – the idea that on some level we block money and resist it. And I kept feeling called to read a book called The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, but I’d been putting it off.

Resisting a book about resistance.  Ironic.

Finally, with my intuition screaming in my ears to just pick up the book, I grabbed it and started reading.

Hendricks explains that we all have a level of what we subconsciously believe we deserve to have and earn in life, and when we bump against those levels and try to push past them, we meet resistance.

We self-sabotage.  We attract circumstances that make things difficult – and so we end up staying at the same level, energetically – and financially.

This simple theory explained why, in my two businesses – an online retail store and my kinesiology practice – when one got busy the other one slowed right down.

I had an invisible limit on my income, and no matter how hard I worked the total income would remain the same.

It explained why if I managed to squirrel away some extra savings, then the washing machine or car would break.

Mymoney blocks had ensured that my income had stayed almost exactly the same for three years.

It seemed I needed to go on a massive money mindset mission to root through my mind and psyche for the secret explanation for my attitude to money.

Then I remembered – I’m a kinesiologist! (Energy worker who uses muscle-testing.)  I don’t need to wait, I can just ask my subconscious for the answers.

So I did.

I found my first money limiting block in about two minutes.

No exercises, no depressing moments, no tears, I just muscle-tested for the answers.

In the energy work I do, all problems have a related block in the energy system.

My key money block,the subconscious belief that was keeping me at a low income, was all to do with the two sides of my family.

One side well-off, miserable and legendary for their tight-fistedness.  The other side less well-off, great fun, super-loving, happy and heart-breakingly generous.

My experiences growing up with these two influences had resulted in a rather faulty belief – all rich people are miserable, and if you want to be really happy, don’t earn lots of money.

So, problem found, only a few months of mindset work to fix it, according to the book.  Ugh.  That sounded like hard work.

Then I remembered – I’m a kinesiologist!  I can fix this right now.  So I did.

Minutes later and I’d shifted my first money block

Within 48 hours everything had transformed.  Having driven my ‘well-loved’ car for ten years, I went out the next day and bought a new one, which I also manifested a £5000 discount on. I found a solution to a long-standing finance problem.  This problem did not have a solution, yet somehow I found one.  This was exciting stuff and I wanted to share it.

The next day I popped into a Facebook group:  “I’ve got 15 baby-free minutes, and a new skill to practise.  “Does anyone want a money block found and corrected?  I’m a kinesiologist and I’ll tune into your energy system and muscle test to find it, and then I’ll clear it for you.”  The crowd, as they say, went wild.  15 minutes ended up being two hours, with a pause to feed the baby and coming back for another few hours.

Now, when I first joined this group, as a way of getting to know people I’d offered to find their biggest money block for them, using my muscle-testing magic.  I got to know ladies in there and I got a big response.  But this time, because my hidden money story had changed, something else happened:

“I want to book a session with you Michelle.”

“I want a private session Michelle, how we can do that?”

“Can you and I work together one-on-one, Michelle?”

And so it went on.

I explained that I had a six week old baby, and also that I was no longer practicing.

“Well if you decide to come out of retirement please let me know.”

“And me.”

“Me too!”

I received private messages saying the same thing.  So I spoke to Pete.  He was a teacher, so he was around for the summer, and he was quite happy to be daddy daycare if I wanted to bust out my kinesiology kit and do some work.

I knew there was one thing I was going to do differently.

Part of the reason I’d closed my kinesiology practice was that it wasn’t a sustainable business model. In theory, my price was meant to be £70 a session.  In reality, it was usually anything from £20 to £40, with the average being £35.  I gave discounts to mums, children, friends, friends of friends.  I didn’t like talking about money, I worried constantly about what people would think about me, and I didn’t have the confidence to value my skills.

But now I felt different. My energy around money had completely shifted.  I just didn’t feel the same crippling fear around asking for money and charging my worth. I said to Pete:  “I’m willing to do the work, but there’s no way I’m going to do it at low prices.  Especially as it’s summer.  If I’m going to be away from you and the baby and the girls then I’m going to say it’s £100 a session. At that price it will feel really good.  Can you imagine if someone actually paid me £100?!”

I had no expectation that anyone would sign up, but I posted in the group that the hubster was happy to hold the baby and I could do some sessions and it was £100.

Within 24 hours I had 11 bookings.

The following week I did 14 sessions.  I made £1400.

£1400!!!  In a week?

It was unheard of, crazy, exciting and mind-blowing.  Not only that, but I got great feedback and amazing things started happening for the ladies who had a session with me.

They shared their experiences.

Things like:

“Since my session with Michelle… money is flowing in”

“Since my session… I was contacted by my ideal client a few hours later”

“Since my session… people are booking my VIP experience”

And I got busier and busier.

On the 20th of July I started taking bookings.  By the 31st I’d received $5000 into my PayPal account.  (I was charging in dollars as many of my clients are in the USA.)  Zero to $5000 – in ELEVEN DAYS – from a business that I’d closed! And guess what?  Even though one income stream went crazy, the other one didn’t slow down.  My online store was busier than ever too.  I ended up having an $11,600 month – by far the most money I’d ever made.

There were a few hiccups as I smacked into my limits – the dryer immediately died and I threw water all over my laptop.  A couple of energy corrections (and a tech-talented hubby) later and everything was fine again and I kept moving upward with no more problems.

But that’s not the end of the story.

I thought I’d see what happened if I posted an offer of help in another – much larger – forum. Assuming there was no way the members would be interested, I sat back, ready to feel humiliated as my offer of free energy work was inevitably swept to the bottom of the page.

Instead, I found myself calling “PETE!!  PETE I need your help!”  And we spent the next four hours in a whirl of energetic excitement.  I tested and set up the corrections, while he told me who was done and moved each set-up from my desk so I could do the next one.  555 comments on the thread later and there was no way I’d be able to do them all.  The next day I had to admit defeat.  But I had an idea.

“If anyone is interested then I can do a group correction where I smash the same money block for everyone?”

And the crowd again went wild.

I was having a great time, people were feeling the energy shift, asking me how I did it, reporting back that good things were happening after my work, it was such good fun.  So I posted another ‘group correction’ and it got another great response.  That day I was telling my friend Amy about the group work, and she uttered the immortal words:

“That’s a product.  Right there.  That’s a product.”

And The Prosperity Prescription was born.

Within 20 minutes she had me collecting email addresses from people who were interested in joining.
People signed up for more information – I kept hitting refresh on list and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

On Friday the 8th of August, my existing list had 46 people on it.  By Saturday the 9thofAugust my new list had 300 new names and it was still growing. That’s 650% growth in my list in one day.  Really, what the actual?!

Amy had made one of my geeky dreams come true by putting one of those fancy countdown timer things on my opt-in page – and it was going to hit zero hour on Monday the 11th of August, meaning I had to launch a product (which didn’t exist) in 72 hours.  What a rush!  Emails went out on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday night my hubby built me a camera tripod out of a step ladder, a ruler and some electrical tape and I recorded the video that went on my sales page.

On Monday, the video went out, Charter Members were invited to enrol and Pete and I sat with our daughters, wondering what would happen.

I had said to them: “This might mean that Mummy gets paid to do something she absolutely loves doing!  So cross your fingers.”

And they did, sitting with their tiny fingers crossed and their enormous blue eyes staring at the screen.

We waited.




“Someone signed up! Someone signed up!”

We went crazy!

‘Ping’ again!

The girls cheered, I cried, Pete was stunned.

And so it went on.

We closed enrolment with 165 amazing Charter Members for The Prosperity Prescription.  I have never been so humbled, so grateful, and so mind-blowingly honoured.  I had created something and people wanted to join in.  It was a dream come true – one of those dreams that’s just so big, and so magical, and so life-changing, you don’t even dare to dream it.  It’s just within you, waiting to be unleashed.

And because my work these days is all about helping you to achieve greatness, to enjoy wealth and be comfortable around money, I’ll tell you the numbers.

The Prosperity Prescription launch generated $45,267 in two weeks.  Using a skill that, five weeks previously, I thought was redundant.

I had formed a group that would take its members on a journey of transformation over the next year.

Over the 12 month programme the members kept reporting incredible results and big shifts from the energy work.

And I began to notice something with the members of my group and my private clients – people used different energies to make money.

I started muscle testing what was going on, and found that there were six ‘profiles’ – I called them Money-Making Archetypes.

Everyone had one dominant one, which was the way they made money.  For some it was when they felt ‘fulfilled’ (Later this became the Achiever). Some were ‘driven’ (Strategist). Some were ‘fierce’ (Hustler). There were those who made money with the energy of ‘enthusiasm’ (the Guardian), or when they felt worthy of money (the Thinker) and finally, those who made money when they were ‘radiating brilliance’ (the Light).

The first thing I created was the quiz.  I shared it with the group and on my facebook page, and the feedback blew me away – people found the explanations of their energy, their money-tendencies, and their blocks really helpful and insightful.

When I relaunched the Prosperity Prescription 2.0, the energy work focused on taking the members in each profile through 12 key areas where blocks show up.  (Later these became the Wealthology Themes.)

A couple of months after we started, I took a trip to San Diego.  There my lovely (and very intuitive) friend Stacy Nelson looked at me and just said: “Kinesiology and money.  It’s Wealthology.”

And I looked at her and said: “You’re a fecking genius.”

I came home and rebranded the course, the quiz, and started the process for registering the Wealthology trademark.

Later that year I started training practitioners in my energy work methodology, and I was using the Wealthology insights with my private clients, and getting incredible results.

Since I was a kid, I’d dreamt of writing a book.  (I wrote my first ‘novel’ aged 9, and used to pretend to write replies letters to my readers.)

In March 2016, I started writing Wealthology, and after publishing it on Amazon it was picked up by Morgan James publishers, and came out in paperback in 2017.

Since then, the Wealthology concept has reached people all over the world, and my dream of ‘replying to readers’ has come true – though sadly it’s via email and not on Strawberry Shortcake notepaper.

It’s a massive honour to help big-hearted people to improve their relationship with money.

So much can change when we identify the hidden reasons why we subconsciously avoid raising our prices or increasing our income.

I hope Wealthology – The Science of Smashing Money Blocks – helps you on your journey to abundance.

Much love,

Michelle xxx

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